Critique Partner Match Up 2019!

Writer's Block Blog BannerHappy 2019! Hope you all had a great 2018!

A great way to start a new year is to make new connections and move forward with your writing!

We all met up through various CP match-up posts like the one hosted by the amazing Susan Dennard. So you can imagine we love critique partner match ups on blogs. Our last CP Match up had a lot of people in the comment with their amazing projects! And we hope to continue paying it forward by providing a fresh forum for people to seek out CPs.

Okay, onto the match up!

STEP ONE: Write a comment on this post.

In the comment please include:



GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)

PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)

WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)


STEP TWO: If someone’s manuscript sounds like something you’d like to read, send them a quick message about swapping pages.

Once you both agree that you’d like to swap, we suggest swapping either first 3 chapters or first 50 pages (whichever you agree is better). This is the “trial period” where you see if you actually do like each other’s writing AND if you like each other’s critique style. If you want to be on top of it, we suggest telling the other person what kind of notes you like to receive too. But if this is one of your first times critiquing, that’s fine too! This is all about finding someone to learn and grow with!

STEP THREE: Send critique notes and decide what kind of critique relationship you’d like to have!

So, there are many ways to critique. You could do a full manuscript swap. You can do it chunks at a time. It’s really up to you and your new critique partner, so after you get that initial 50 pages or so back, make a plan for what fits you both best!

If, for some reason you don’t like the other person’s notes or you just don’t think things will work out (for whatever reason), then you should be open about it and part ways with no hard feelings. Sometimes, people’s creative visions just don’t sync up.

As a bonus, here are a few resources about being a critique partner:

Meg’s post on Giving Constructive Feedback

Kat’s video on 5 tips for being a good CP

And our first ever post that’s just full of CP Love and advice

Feel free to still peruse the projects on our last CP Match up

Good luck and happy critiquing!!

NOTE: While we love hearing about other people’s stories, the WBP ladies are not looking to add any more CPs to our critique group. But we love the idea of having a post that can help other people find each other because other CP match up posts are how many of us met!

72 thoughts on “Critique Partner Match Up 2019!

  1. NAME: Kat


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Low/High Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters): From a young age, Amarithari has known one truth: her marriage would heal the country. In a nation torn by racial tension, the renewal of an ancient treaty is the only hope for Aracledon and its people. But when an assassin is sent to kill her, Amarithari learns there is more at stake than a simple marriage. With an unwilling suitor and a war on the horizon, Amarithari much uncover the truth behind her attempted assassination and the strange machinations surrounding her country before all it lost.

    Tag: A princess foils an assassination plot, discovers magic and stops a genocidal mage from conquering the world.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines):
    1.) Pacing/flow of the overall big picture
    2.) General character development



  2. NAME
    Dave W.

    Adult but not mature content. Think Deadpool

    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)
    SF, Urban Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    My current project is only 11k words but in early growth. Jessica, a starfighter pilot in the SpaceCorps, does an emergy jump with her damaged fighter, and crash lands on an alien outpost world controlled by the enemy. She befriends an escaped slave in the wilds and does what she can in order to escape this world and alerts the rest of SpaceCrops of its location.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    quid pro quo in reviewing/editing.

    Yeah it’s a legit email address


  3. Kel Schmutz


    Fantasy & Contemporary Romance (WIP is light fantasy romance)

    A young woman born with an unexplained power known as the godtouch struggles to win her father’s release from an organization dedicated to hunting down her kind. Unfortunately, this means rubbing elbows with the future leader of the organization, a boy who soon has her questioning everything she thought she knew.

    Looking for a CP who loves similar things in a story: character development and romance, with enough external conflict and intrigue to keep the plot moving. Think The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski.


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