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The World Isn’t Wide Enough For My Book (Or Is It?)

This post is co-written by Akshaya and Mara. Writing a novel takes a long time. You spend months, even years, wrestling with an idea you love. You slog through revision after revision after revision, because publishing is a difficult game that demands nothing less than your best. You work so hard, for so long, with… Continue reading The World Isn’t Wide Enough For My Book (Or Is It?)

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Roundtable: How We Brainstorm

Note: This post is done in a roundtable style where members of Writer’s Block Party discuss a topic together. Moderator: Katy Rose Pool Editor: Mara Fitzgerald QUESTION ONE: What do we mean by “brainstorming?” AMANDA: As a plotter, for me, brainstorming means coming up with the components of nearly every facet of my story. Basically,… Continue reading Roundtable: How We Brainstorm