Author Spotlight: Katy Rose Pool

“A successful ending to a brilliant trilogy about human hope and connection . . . set in a diverse world that celebrates and affirms all kinds of love.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review AXIE: HUGE CONGRATS to Katy for not only releasing her third novel today, but the FINAL book in her Age of Darkness trilogy, INTO… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Katy Rose Pool


Author Spotlight: Axie Oh and XOXO

We’re so beyond excited to host our friend, the incomparable, Axie Oh for our Author Spotlight this week. Today marks the release of her newest contemporary YA novel, XOXO! MEG: Welcome Axie! Give us a quick pitch of XOXO for anyone who might not know what it’s about (but will very soon). AXIE: Hi~~~ Meg!!! XOXO is about a… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Axie Oh and XOXO


“Nothing Happens In This Scene:” Brief Thoughts On Pacing and Context

If you’ve ever read any book reviews, or ever received any critiques on your work, chances are good you’ve heard the following feedback: “I just wasn’t grabbed by this scene/chapter/story. Nothing happened.” If your goal is to write a commercial book where everyone says “I read it in one sitting and I couldn’t put it… Continue reading “Nothing Happens In This Scene:” Brief Thoughts On Pacing and Context


APAHM Spotlight: Writer’s Block Party!

Today we’re spotlighting our three Asian Writer’s Block Party contributors! Let’s give it up for Akshaya, Kat, and Axie!! QUESTION 1: What has it been like incorporating your Asian identities into your books? What’s your personal philosophy when it comes to being true to your identity in your writing? AKSHAYA: I think for me, writing… Continue reading APAHM Spotlight: Writer’s Block Party!