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Critique Partner Match-Up 2020!

It’s a new year AND a new decade! Wheee!

A great way to start a new year/decade is to take a step closer to your writing goals. And the best way to be a good writer is to…well it’s to write. second best way (that we know of) is to make new connections/writer friends!

We all met up through various Critique Partner (CP) match-up posts like the one hosted by the amazing Susan Dennard. So we love blog-hosted critique partner match ups. Our CP Match up in 2018 and our CP Match up in 2019 had a lot of people in the comment with their amazing projects! And we hope to continue paying it forward by providing a fresh forum in 2020 for people to seek out CPs.

Just in case you’re asking, “What is a Critique Partner (CP)?”

A CP is another writer who you share your writing with so you can both give useful critique to make each other’s writing/stories better! You often do this at every point in the writing journey! Lots of already published and huge authors still have CPs!

Okay, onto the match up!

STEP ONE: Write a comment on this post.

In the comment please include:



GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)

PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)

WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)


STEP TWO: If someone’s manuscript sounds like something you’d like to read, send them a quick message about swapping pages.

Once you both agree that you’d like to swap, we suggest swapping either first 3 chapters or first 50 pages (whichever you agree is better). This is the “trial period” where you see if you actually do like each other’s writing AND if you like each other’s critique style. If you want to be on top of it, we suggest telling the other person what kind of notes you like to receive too. But if this is one of your first times critiquing, that’s fine too! This is all about finding someone to learn and grow with!

NOTE: Feel free to reply to each other in the comments as a way to initiate contact, but please do NOT post critiques in the comments section. Please exchange critiques via whatever outside method you’ve agreed upon with each other.

STEP THREE: Send critique notes and decide what kind of critique relationship you’d like to have!

So, there are many ways to critique. You could do a full manuscript swap. You can do it chunks at a time. It’s really up to you and your new critique partner, so after you get that initial 50 pages or so back, make a plan for what fits you both best!

If, for some reason you don’t like the other person’s notes or you just don’t think things will work out (for whatever reason), then you should be open about it and part ways with no hard feelings. Sometimes, people’s creative visions just don’t sync up.

As a bonus, here are a few resources about being a critique partner:

Meg’s post on Giving Constructive Feedback

Kat’s video on 5 tips for being a good CP

And our first ever post that’s just full of CP Love and advice

Feel free to still peruse the projects on our CP Match up in 2019

Good luck and happy critiquing!!

NOTE: While we love hearing about other people’s stories, the WBP ladies are not looking to add any more CPs to our critique group. But we love the idea of having a post that can help other people find each other because other CP match up posts are how many of us met!

36 thoughts on “Critique Partner Match-Up 2020!

  1. NAME: “Bemis”


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters): My novel is set in a bleak, inhospitable desert world, a place where even the concept of heroism cannot exist. A trio of amoral misfits are thrust together by happenstance and scour the desolate wastes in a fruitless quest for purpose, desperately seeking meaning in a place devoid of it. The band includes a grotesque hunchback physiologically altered to speak only the truth, a disenfranchised noblewoman from a brutal theocracy who has transformed herself into a relentless warrior, and a one-handed boy with self-inflicted amnesia and the ability to speak a language of ancient and ineffable powers. Together they navigate a multitude of dangers both external and internal, and seek to find some measure of solace in a world without hope or respite.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines): Help with strengthening my plot structure and character moments.



    1. Hi Bemis,

      It sounds like an interesting book. A mix of MadMax and the role-playing world of Dark Sun. I might be interested in swapping stories with you. Read my blurb and let me know.

      Dave (the Dork)


  2. Name: Jun Lei
    Age Category: YA
    Genre: Fantasy
    Project Pitch: Dark dots, like a sun in eclipse, bloom upon the skin of powerful mages. They are the symbol of Nebula, the goddess of darkness, and are interpreted as signs of the darkness within. Nebula is warning us, they say.
    The marked are discriminated against, oppressed, loathed.
    Then a woman rises. She asks her people that if they are marked for darkness, why run from their destiny when it can be embraced?
    They fight. They become the murderers they were always thought to be. They run rampant through their island home.
    All, the unmarked believe, is lost.
    Then a boy is marked.
    Not by Nebula, but by Nova, the goddess of light.
    Instead of a sun in eclipse, a scarlet star burns on his forehead.
    He is welcomed. Embraced. Revered.
    The one true hope, they say.
    But is he?
    Because the murders are proving this hope to be false.
    What I’m Looking For In a CP: A reliable partner with ruthless (but constructive) feedback.


    1. From your blurb it reads as high magic, is it? High magic is hard to do right as everyone can just wave their magic wands and do whatever they want. If your story isn’t high magic then I might be interested. Read my blurb and let me know if you might be willing to swap storys.

      Dave the Dork


  3. NAME: Brittaney Barfield


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc) Horror Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)

    When Kimmy receives a magical book, a villain emerges from its pages and traps Kimmy and her friends in a spooky mirror world to play a dangerous VR game. Can they escape and beat the villain or be trapped forever.
    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    Help with strengthening my plot structure and character moments.



  4. NAME: carley


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: sci-fi

    PROJECT PITCH: Two years ago, Mercy Black’s younger twin siblings died in a galactic treasure hunt that’s put on every year. She enters the treasure hunt and finds a pair of AIs who claim to be formed from brain scans of her siblings, and a rival-turned-ally, Aria, who seems to have everything together. She has to grapple with her grief and what it means to have the twins living in her ship’s computer, while trying not to get distracted by Aria’s legs.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP: I would prefer to receive positive comments as well as critical, and I’m mostly looking for perspectives on the content more so than grammar or copyediting. I’m hoping to build a long-term relationship with another career writer where we can support each other through multiple projects! If you want to write or read queer, disabled sci-fi, hit me up!

    CONTACT INFO: shockvaluecola on twitter

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  5. NAME: David Ocampo


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Horror)


    Nightmare Realm: Pax’s struggle with his long-distance relationship awakens the ability to enter the Spiritual Realm. His inexperience causes rifts between worlds where Nightmare Creatures can invade. He must face his mistakes to save more than his love life

    The Genesis Code
    A group of individuals awaken in a large underground faculty filled with Puzzle Rooms. They are greeted by a rouge A.I. who was created to test intellects, but has taken it to too far. They must find a way to escape before J deems them unworthy.

    Revered Infirmary
    When the sins of the amusement sized hospital are uncovered, vengeful spirits manifest and terraform it into a hellish nightmare. Any hope of escape rests on a recovering addict who’s on internal battle takes its toll.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP: I’m looking to make 2020 my year where I can debut my work. I have several projects I’m working on and wish to get ready to submit to agents. (3 of them being 90K words)


  6. NAME: Miranda


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Sci-fi (but also working on other MSs in fantasy, romance)

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters):
Blaze was created to destroy the Council. Fitz was raised to serve it.
When Fitz and his spaceship crew are sent to capture Blaze, they find that her reputation as a murderous assassin is more than just rumor–but the evils she points out within the Council’s colonialist system aren’t exactly wrong.

    While the crew grapples with the truth about their government, Blaze faces the truths about her own creation. As they set out on the run across the stars, they each must come to terms with what their upbringings asked them to do, and what they truly wish to become.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)

    High-level feedback on plot, character, scene, etc… Not so interested in grammar and word choice feedback (at least not at the moment). I’m the type that will leave a ton of comments about how much I love your characters on your MS, so if that’s your jam, let’s be friends! I would also love to work with someone who’s open to discussing diverse representation in our work and areas where we can improve it.

    I’m working on multiple projects at the moment (another space fantasy, plus a contemporary romance), so I would love to work with someone who’s interested in a long-term CP relationship!

mirandanbenson on twitter

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    1. Interesting… I’m getting a Matrix predestination feel off of your blurb.

      Read my post and let me know if you in turn find my stuff worthy of swapping with 😉

      Dave the Dork


  7. NAME: Akoss


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): All of the above. Current wips are Contemporary Fantasy.

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    Two worlds, two countries plagued by tribalism and on the brink of civil war for generations. When a portal opens between them Frankie and Dodji must work together to close it before President Gnankagnan uses it for political gain.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines):
    I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind that I have small children and I’m a slow reader. I’m looking for someone who is equally excited about craft as they are about story concepts.
    I found one great CP when I did this last year. Keeping fingers crossed for another great match.

    I’m @akossket on Twitter.
    email is ankz272(at)gmail(dot)com


  8. NAME: Leah

    AGE CATEGORY: Adult or NA

    GENRE YOU WRITE IN: Mystery/ Thriller, Romantic suspense, General Dark Stuff (I love romance so anything I write will probably have a romantic subplot.)

    Hells KitchenxTrue Detective After entering a secret culinary competition, Cecily doesn’t want to win. She wants to break open the Mercier family secrets. Their life for hers. When the competition turns deadly will she survive before she is devoured?

    I’m currently writing my third draft of this project so I’m in sort of the early stages. Ideally I would want someone who doesn’t mind this and also wants to be writer friends! I would love feedback on character motivations and plot. Honest but kind. I’m an enthusiastic person so for your manuscript you’ll definitely know everything I love but I also know how important it is to push and get it right. Get it better.


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  9. NAME: Miranda


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Romance (but also working on other MSs in fantasy, sci-fi, as mentioned above!)

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    A modern, queer take on the Greek legend of Eros and Psyche.
    Erica has prepared her whole life to take over for her mother as CEO of tech behemoth Caine Industries. But when Erica’s mother asks her to professional “get rid of” someone, and Erica discovers that someone is Skylar, the one-night-stand she can’t stop thinking about, her entire world is turned upside down.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    I’m still in my first draft of this project, so I would love to work with anyone who’s still in the drafting phase of anything romantic! If you’re interested in being accountability partners, reviewing smaller chunks of each others’ work, and don’t mind me loving all your characters, let’s chat.

    mirandanbenson on twitter

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  10. NAME: May Zhu


    GENRE: Soft sci-fi

    Dr. Zoë Enski clones humans, but she never expected to fall in love with a clone of herself. With her duplicate, she must deal with a clone uprising, anti-cloning radicals, and what it means to be human.

    I’ve received feedback that my MC is too callous and unsympathetic. I’d love if you could help me warm her up a bit!

    Twitter: @mayeezhu

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  11. NAME: Rachael


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: High fantasy, contemporary

    PROJECT PITCH: When Princess Arlena is stolen by a dragon, the eighth princess in his hoard, she’s not content to sit around and wait for a prince to rescue them. The deeper Arlena delves into the caves and the dragon’s choices, the more she wonders if there’s more to this than a simple dragon-kidnapping. With only a few princesses left free, Arlena and the others have to uncover the dragon’s plans and find their own escape, or their lives and their kingdoms will be lost.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP: Someone who can offer critique of big-picture elements (plot, characterization, pacing) with a focus on where I’m going right as well as where things aren’t working out the way they should. I’m currently working on a partial rewrite so it may be a few more months before I have a full draft available.

    CONTACT INFO: Comment here or Twitter RMParker_


    1. Hey Rachel,

      Your story sounds great. The whole different take on the Dragon’s sounds incredibly intriguing.

      It would be great if you could check out my pitch below, to see if we could work together.



    2. This sounds amazing!! And I have no problem waiting because I’m working on a quick & dirty, no-eyes-but-mine draft zero myself.

      My pitch: ERAGON meets the Summer Olympic Games
      Contact: michroberts90 on Twitter or @Gmail


  12. NAME: Em

    AGE/GENRE: Adult/ Gothic-high fantasy

    PITCH: Fractured Magic is an lgbtq+ fantasy webnovel. In it, a king is kidnapped and a team of elites is assembled to bring him back. But when ancient magics stir, our hero has to divide his attentions between the rescue mission and the magic trapped inside him, corrupting him from the inside out.

    LOOKING FOR IN A CP: I’m just looking for someone to review the first three chapters and give me ideas on how to improve the hook.

    CONTACT: DM me on Twitter @emrowene or send me an email at! Im happy to do an equivalent-type exchange (first 3 chapters/50 pages with anyone who’s interested!)

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  13. Ayesha Ali

    MG contemporary fantasy

    Pitch: The Nguyen family’s magic stems from emotion, and 14-year-old Michel’s magical trigger is emotional pain. Needless to say, he has never felt his magic and has distanced himself from his family’s practice room in the basement and ignored even the slightest mention of magic, focusing instead on being good to other people which his parents say is equally as important as magic. But this year as a freshman in high school, with teachers presenting more painful and shocking topics, his magic is flaring, and someone not is not his sister seems to know about it. The week of Thanksgiving break, Michel decides to confront Addae, the boy in his English class, and finds out that Addae not only knows about his magic but also was there when Michel’s cousin Ophelie died from poison three years ago. Michel is now determined to find out all he can about Ophelie—without drawing attention from his family of course—but both his and Addae’s magic is uncontrolled which leads to an accident the day before Christmas vacation that burns Michel’s eyes and knocks him unconscious.

    When he wakes, he discovers that not only can he no longer see, but he has landed in a makeshift hospital room inside of a complex controlled by his family’s biggest enemies—the Andersons—who kicks his mother out almost immediately after he wakes. Alone except for his sister who is there to take care of him and trapped in a school controlled by people neither of them know anything about, Michel struggles to adjust to life without sight. And yet, under all this pain, something he had never dreamed of happens. His magic activates, and remains open to him, especially after he reconnect with Addae who turns out to be a reservoir of emotional pain. Now Michel has to struggle between hurting his only friend to get the power he never knew he wanted, and remaining on the morals he had worked so hard to maintained.

    In other words, he struggles not to become a villain.

    What I’m looking for in a CP:
    I’ve done a ton of craft study and interned at a few literary agencies. I’d like a CP who can discuss plot structure and character arcs as well as other craft topics. Someone who is honest and constructive, and can distinguish between personal nit picks and solid critiques. A bonus would be if we can become friends as well.

    Contact info:


  14. NAME: Logan

    AGE CATEGORY(IES) YOU WRITE IN (YA/MG/A/PB): Young Adult and Adult

    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Contemporary, usually with some light romance elements, always LGBTQ+

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    When Rona is sent away to boarding school, she and her best friend Bea try to stay connected by writing a novel for NaNoWriMo in a secret Google doc. Bea’s focus is on finding the queerness in the books they’re reading for school, but Rona reads between the lines and starts feeling jealous of Bea’s new “friend.” QUEERING IT is BOOKSMART personalities and wit meet LIES MY GIRLFRIEND TOLD ME as three girls navigate the literary canon, reveal buried lies, and discover what happens when friendship becomes something complicated, something queer.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    I’m looking for someone who is going to give me tough love but also support when it’s due. I want critiques on the big picture and story line rather than sentence level critique. I also would love to talk to more people about writing and books in general, too, if you’re into that. 🙂

    WriterLMalone on Twitter


    1. I totally want to read this! I checked you out on Twitter and I definitely think we’d get along. Sorry I don’t really do Twitter but my Instagram is @tammysubia if you wanna get to know me.

      I write contemporary YA, usually heavy on romance but not just light fluffy romance, and usually with LGBT characters. My current project is lighter on the romance and heavier on the LGBT. It’s about a girl who thinks she might be gay so she sneaks into a small gay bar, but there’s a shooting and she’s the only survivor. So now she’s dealing with grief and survivor’s guilt on top of coming out, and she decides to learn about each of the victims and do something to honor each of them and help out their families and friends. Hearing each of their stories is what ends up giving her the courage to come out.

      (Sorry I wasn’t planning on formally posting this.) If you’re interested you can message me on Instagram or my email is tammysubia at gmail.


    2. This sounds phenomenal! I write in a different subgenre (fantasy) but would love to swap pages if you’re interested. I’m not big on twitter but I’m @booksandbevvys there and IG — or you can email me!


  15. NAME


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)
    Speculative fiction with horror/erotica sprinkled in

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    I am putting together an anthology of short stories, poems, and flash fiction. Some pieces explore issues that we are dealing with today and some are more about what the future may hold. For the most part they have a darker tone to them.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    I’m looking to exchange shorter (500-2,000ish) word chunks with someone who is writing explorative, speculative, dark, erotic, and/or science fiction.



  16. NAME Naomi


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc) Science Fiction and Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    Able’s been stewing about his imperial government’s mismanagement of a war most of his life. So news that they’ve been covering up a native rebellion led by a Robin Hood-like figure sets him out to chronicle the events to catch them in their incompetence and corruption. But he didn’t expect to get sucked into a conspiracy or fall in love with his genderfluid guide.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines) I’m working to become a career author and developmental editor, so looking for other authors who are just as committed to honing the craft and giving helpful critiques. More urgently, I want to know what’s wrong with my opening pages!

    CONTACT INFO @theslyeagle on twitter


  17. NAME
    Dave (the Dork)

    Adult (not sexual in nature but could include minor sexual elements <1-2%).

    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc):
    I bounce between Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and quasi Contemporary.

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    I’m working on cleaning up a number of novels so its too much to explain in short.
    My current project is Starfall where a star-fighter pilot crash lands on a hostile world. She finds a young teen girl who is an escaped prisoner and they fight to survive this alien world.
    If you have ever seen the movie Alien Mine with Dennis Quad and Louis Gossett Jr. then you have a ‘loose’ idea what it is about. I started this novel prior to making this association, c'est la vie.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    Somebody to read and rip my story apart. I’m NOT looking for a fluffy cheerleader. I want a Dr. Evil level person letting me know what works and what doesn’t, such as… “This part here, it doesn’t do it for me…. It friggin sucks man!”



  18. NAME: Annie


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): (urban) fantasy

    Two brothers find themselves in a strange town where secrets run rampant. They discover that not everything is as it seems, in the life they have led so far.
    When they meet a set of twins, they’re drawn into an age old curse that binds their families together, along with another young man’s family. They set out to find the truth in a world much different from what they might have expected.

    I have a somewhat completed zero draft at this point and have started on a rewrite. I’m looking for someone who can help with bigger picture issues and feedback on dialogue and pacing.

    You can reach me at apauwwrites(at) gmail(dot)com 🙂


  19. Name: Michelle

    Category/Genre: YA Fantasy

    Pitch: ERAGON meets the Summer Olympic Games

    Bronwyn sees ushering her city-state’s team across the finish line in first place as her ticket out of an oppressive home life and an arranged marriage. Her grandmother’s dreams of her giving up dragon riding and settling down to have babies and manage a house are NOT her idea of a fulfilling life. Neither is her sister’s zealous following of a new cult.

    Morgan was conscripted into his city-state’s military Dragon Corps when he accidentally bonded with a hatchling. Now the Dragon Corps are competing in the Games and all he wants is to avoid the notice of the Magemasters who would use his latent magic for their own ends. Kind of hard to stay low when Bronwyn is roping him into an investigation to find the Games’ saboteur.

    What I’m looking for: honest, but not mean, big picture feedback (plot, people slipping out of character, plot holes, worldbuilding holes). It’s gonna be a few months until I’m quite ready to swap because this baby’s still in no-eyes-but-mine draft zero mode. I prefer a separate doc/email detailing/listing issues rather than everything in in-line comments, but I’m fine with that too. I admit I can be pretty blunt sometimes giving feedback, but I try my best to always tell you what I love and ask constructive questions instead of telling you how to fix stuff.

    Contact: michroberts90 on Twitter or @gmail


  20. NAME: Stevie

    AGE CATEGORY: YA and A, There are some sexual elements, but nothing explicitly described-some uncomfortable situations (attempted rape).

    GENRE: Sci-fi and Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH: Through no fault of her own, a young woman is seen as cursed and treated as such by her hometown. Forced into less than disreputable work, Carol only hopes to give her two younger siblings the best in life, including a trip to Market.

    Market serves as a safe haven, a place in which one can become closer to the Dreamers, demi-gods, who lived long ago. Although they are nowhere to be found, places they once dwelt and items they once owned are said to still bless those who believe.

    The mayor of the city in which Market is held now claims that the Dreamers have returned, being reborn within those of exceptional talent. After several mishaps, Carol becomes entangled in the mayor’s plans for the Dreamer’s revival. She must do all within her power to extract herself and protect her family before it’s too late.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP: I need someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and who can tell me if something doesn’t make sense. I’ve finished my first write-through and am working my way through a first edit. I’d be happy to exchange smaller chunks if you’re still drafting as well!

    CONTACT INFO: will be easiest, but twitter works too: @sabarrie14


  21. NAME Taylor Munsell


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Mostly fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters) Currently I am wrapping up a novel where the main character, Lina, competes in a competition to become fae. The catch is, whoever wins the competition will also choose the fae ruler of the kingdom. I am also starting a novel where two lovers are immortal, but they can only spend one night a year together.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines) I am looking for someone to work with on process editing as well as bounce ideas off of as I am writing. I want someone to look at the craft such as plot, characterization, etc. Also, I’d love to find someone who just plain enjoys talking about writing.



  22. NAME: Rachel


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)
    YA Fiction/Science Fiction

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    Tegan awakes one morning to find her world turned upside down. The adults have disappeared and the power has been out for days. She soon realizes that her biggest challenge won’t be living without technology, it will be surviving her peers. Her friends must band together to survive as they struggle not to lose their humanity in the process.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    Just some honest constructive criticism. This is my first book and I have no misconceptions about it being perfect. I’m willing to completely tear it apart and redo it until it is right!


    1. Hi Rachel, you have different time periods mentioned in your elevator pitch (single day adults missing & several days without power), is that intentional? Is that the kind of scrutiny you are looking for?


  23. Taylor


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc): Fantasy / Romance / Paranormal

    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters)
    TL;DR: A young Viking warrior destined to save her people must learn to battle in the ballroom to evade capture by the vengeful daughter of Hel determined to imprison the gods and their children.

    Long version:
    In a lush Young Adult fantasy, Karda, the fierce and ruthless warrior prophesied to save her people, has a distinct plan.

    Step One: Overthrow the Rottajarl with an uprising he never sees coming.
    Step Two: Help rebuild their lives.
    Step Three: Live the remainder of her life ensuring her people have peace.

    All without waiting on the gods to save them.

    When a warrior appears out of the air as the Rottajarl is defeated, Karda should have suspected her plans were beginning to go awry. Aslak, a charming and fierce warrior in his own right, is doggedly determined to counsel Karda, following her and her companion Sigrun on their unexpected journey, even as she rejects his every plan. Magic, a long dead element in their land, springs forth whenever Aslak is near and stirs something inside Karda herself.

    A journey across the great sea lands Karda in a realm beyond her wildest imaginings where magical delights overwhelm the senses. Vivienne’s court sparkles with beauty and grace, but darkness lurks in the corners. Can Karda uncover the truth behind the magical façade before it is too late?

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines):

    I’m looking for someone who can be honest, even when it’s not easy; who can offer support throughout the writing and publishing process; and who is open to reading snippets along the way to the final product. I’m currently slogging my way through edits, and am happy to work with someone in any stage of the writing process.



  24. NAME: Joao


    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN: Fantasy

    PROJECT PITCH: Kenji, the disowned son of the Sovereign of Arms’ own clan, decides to tell his nine-year-old daughter, Hana, that he adopted her. While he searches for a relic to fix mistakes of the past, Hana tries to unveil her mysterious origin and childhood.

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP: Me and my current CP Rachel are looking into forming a writing group of 3 to 4 fellow writers (preferably A or YA Fantasy). We would critique each other’s work collectively and bring different perspectives to allow our writing to grow.



  25. NAME- Rinku
    GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc.) – Fantasy, Magical realism.
    PROJECT PITCH (Twitter size ~280 characters) –

    THE LONE GULL- Children’s fantasy-
    Seagulls of the Twin Cliffs are obsessed with seashells and anyone who’s not into shell-business is judged so badly. Bobo has no interest in shells and he’s willing to explore other opportunities, but invokes wrath of elders for being different than the rest. The situation comes to a head when the age-old tradition of collecting shells revives the ancient demon of the Dark waters. Perhaps, Bobo; (who’s now expelled out of the community) knows the way to stop the demon before it’s too late. (This project is in the query process, and I’ve received suggestions for revision by the agents)

    BRIDGE OF OFFERINGS- Adult fantasy/magical realism-
    Destiny of two childhood friends; Rhea and Arya; has linked together by a mysterious vow. With a sad turn of events in Arya’s life, Rhea’s happiness is threatened. She cannot be happy with the man she truly loves due to that unfortunate vow. The pursuit of happiness takes her on a surreal journey with her sweetheart; Kiaan. Together they explore deep jungles and tea plantation sites in the southern Indian state; Kerala, known as God’s own country. They find weird stories of parallel worlds in that wandering and faced with hard decisions. (1st draft is complete yet to start editing.)

    WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR IN A CP (keep it short, about 1-2 lines)
    I’m looking for a writer friend for a long term CP relationship as I’m working on multiple projects. I’m mainly looking for constructive criticism on voice, pacing and the concept of the story. Grammar suggestions are welcome. I have never worked with a critique partner before but willing to start my journey here. My novels will be diverse as I live in India and would love to have a critique partner who’s willing to build a serious career in writing and publishing.



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