Writing & Pub Series

Path to Pub

A series about the steps to publication and beyond!

Path to Pub: Brainstorming

Path To Pub: Outlining as a Plotter vs Pantser

Path to Pub: Drafting

Path to Pub: Querying your book

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Pub Finance

We started a Pub Finance series where we talk about all things money and how it pertains to being a writer and author careers.

Pub Finances #1: How to Budget as a Full-time writer/freelancer


Guest Post: Personal Finance for Authors by Swati Teerdhala

Hi Writers…Let’s Talk About Taxes

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Fantastic Agents & How To Find Them

The goal of this series isn’t to tell anyone how an author-agent relationship should be, but rather to showcase the very wide range of experiences out there. Everyone wants and needs something different from their agent, and we hope that by reading the varied thought processes of our guest contributors, writers can begin to figure out what might work best for them.

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (1): YA debut author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (2): YA veteran author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (3): YA agented author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (4): YA & Adult agented author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (5): Published YA Author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (6): Agented Author

Fantastic Agents & How to Find Them (7): Veteran Author

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In A World…

In A World… is a series of posts about world building, where our contributors share strategies and tips for creating well-rounded worlds.

Building Conflict Into Your World

Writing a World Like a Character

Writing Cultural Outsiders Part 1

Writing Cultural Outsiders Part 2

Intercultural Communication

A Pondering of Magic Systems

Magic Systems: When It Feels Like It’s All Been Done Before

World Building in First Person

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Debut Author Survival Guide

The Debut Author Survival Guide is a series that explains everything that happens between selling your book to publication day in an attempt to demystify the process of publishing your first novel (through a traditional publishing lens).

Debut Author Survival Guide #1: Contract Basics

Debut Author Survival Guide #2: Deadlines

Debut Author Survival Guide #3: Copyedits

Debut Author Survival Guide #4: Social Media Presence & Self Promo

Debut Author Survival Guide #5: Author Newsletter

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Through our Pub Life posts, Writer’s Block Party will be hosting guests and contributors who talk about their jobs within the publishing industry. There are many more career paths in publishing than a lot of people realize, and we’re so excited to spotlight a few of them for you guys!

Pub Life #1: Query Advice from a Literary Assistant

Pub Life #2: Publishing – It’s Not Like The Movies

Pub Life #4: Getting Creative With A Marketing Graphic Designer

Pub Life #5: Knowledge is Power – Contracts & Rights

Pub Life #6: Publicity

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WBP Survey

“WBP SURVEY,” where we survey the writers of WBP on a topic or question.

WBP Survey: Average Chapter Length

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Reading Recs for…

In our “Reading Recs for…” series we’ll recommend reads for certain topics that we run into often.

Reading Recs for Anti-heroines

Reading Recs for Family Dynamics

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Scrum your Revisions

What I learned about revising from Face-Off

After the first draft: Revising Scenes

Before querying & sub: cutting word count, filler words, & line-edits


Revisions: There’s no better time like the present

Where Revising is Revising is Revising…

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Social Media & Author Platform

Why your author website matters

Blogging as a writer

Pub Life #4: Getting Creative With A Marketing Graphic Designer

How often do I post on Instagram

How to Make the Most Out of Instagram

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Roundtable: Multiple POVs

Pacing with Multiple POVs

Timelines with Multiple POVs

Writing Queries for multiple POV books

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