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Roundtable: How We Brainstorm

Note: This post is done in a roundtable style where members of Writer’s Block Party discuss a topic together. Moderator: Katy Rose Pool Editor: Mara Fitzgerald QUESTION ONE: What do we mean by “brainstorming?” AMANDA: As a plotter, for me, brainstorming means coming up with the components of nearly every facet of my story. Basically,… Continue reading Roundtable: How We Brainstorm

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Deciphering Copyediting Markup

Recently, I’ve encountered a few writer friends having small panic attacks because they’ve received notes from their editors that contain copyediting markup. You know, the weird symbols that editors scrawl in pen or pencil above your nice typed lines, or in the margins. As it happens, these are not arcane symbols, or their version of… Continue reading Deciphering Copyediting Markup