Why I Love Endings (And Also Hate Them)

The End. Small words, three letters each. But when you put them together, wow are they big. The conclusion, the finale, the denouement. Powerful, shocking, bittersweet, heartwarming. An ending can be so many things.  I’m not going to say the ending is the absolute most important part of a story; beginnings are important, too, because… Continue reading Why I Love Endings (And Also Hate Them)


3 Questions To Ask Yourself For A Stronger First Chapter

Beginnings are hard because there are so many elements to introduce. You have to consider character dynamics, point of view, pacing, world building, voice, narrative flow–and it’s incredibly hard to figure out how to balance all those aspects in a cohesive, clear, and engaging manner. While there’s no easy formula to crafting the perfect beginning,… Continue reading 3 Questions To Ask Yourself For A Stronger First Chapter

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Critique Partner Match Up 2021!

We did it, we survived 2020! So, let’s try to start 2021 with some positivity, new connections, and writing! The best way to be a good writer is to…well it’s to write. Second best way (that we know of) is to make new connections/writer friends! We all met up through various Critique Partner (CP) match-up posts like the one… Continue reading Critique Partner Match Up 2021!