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Pub Finances #1: How to Budget as a Full-time writer/freelancer

Hi all! We’re starting a new series! We saw all the conversations about how there is a lack of transparency in publishing. And while we think there are some great resources already out there, publishing is ever changing and it can’t hurt to have more people sharing their stories! So we started a Pub Finance… Continue reading Pub Finances #1: How to Budget as a Full-time writer/freelancer

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Roundtable #14: Refilling the Creative Well

Fun fact: a lot of our Roundtable topics come from conversations we’re already having within the WBP critique group chat! And one of the things we’ve been talking about A LOT is burn-out and refilling the creative well (maybe because a lot of us debuted/became agented the last 3 years). So, we figured we’d bring… Continue reading Roundtable #14: Refilling the Creative Well


When Revising is Revising is Revising…

This post is co-written by Ashley and guest writer, Janella Angeles, author of the forthcoming WHERE DREAMS DESCEND. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that writing is rewriting—but let’s not forget the other undeniable truth that follows: revising is also re-revising. Admittedly, some unicorns have the gift of being smooth, fast revisers and we HATE them (just… Continue reading When Revising is Revising is Revising…