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WBP’s Critique Partner Match Up!

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UPDATE: See ALL of our CP Match Ups HERE!

Hi all! We asked on Twitter if people would be interested in a CP match up post for y’all to find critique partners and it was a resounding yes. So, here you go!

As you might know we all met up through various CP match-up posts like the one hosted by the amazing Susan Dennard. So we are very much pro critique partner match ups on blogs. We hope that this gives you all a forum to talk about your work and perhaps find that perfect creative match so you can ride off into the writing sunset together!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we wanted to refer you back to a few of our old resources about being a critique partner:

Meg’s post on Giving Constructive Feedback

Kat’s video on 5 tips for being a good CP

And our first ever post that’s just full of CP Love and advice

Okay, onto the match up!

STEP ONE: Write a comment on this post.

In the comment please include:



GENRE(S) YOU WRITE IN (SF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Horror, etc)

PROJECT PITCH (1-3 lines)

SHORT BLURB (250-300 words. We suggest your opening page)



STEP TWO: If someone’s manuscript sounds like something you’d like to read, send them a quick message about swapping pages.

Once you both agree that you’d like to swap, we suggest swapping either first 3 chapters or first 50 pages (whichever you agree is better). This is the “trial period” where you see if you actually do like each other’s writing AND if you like each other’s critique style. If you want to be on top of it, we suggest telling the other person what kind of notes you like to receive too. But if this is one of your first times critiquing, that’s fine too! This is all about finding someone to learn and grow with!

STEP THREE: Send critique notes and decide what kind of critique relationship you’d like to have!

So, there are many ways to critique. You could do a full manuscript swap. You can do it chunks at a time. It’s really up to you and your new critique partner, so after you get that initial 50 pages or so back, make a plan for what fits you both best!

If, for some reason you don’t like the other person’s notes or you just don’t think things will work out (for whatever reason), then you should be open about it and part ways with no hard feelings. Sometimes, people’s creative visions just don’t sync up.

Good luck and happy critiquing!!

NOTE: While we love hearing about other people’s stories, the WBP ladies are not looking to add any more CPs to our (abnormally large already) critique group. But we love the idea of having a post that can help other people find each other because other CP match up posts are how many of us met!

62 thoughts on “WBP’s Critique Partner Match Up!

  1. Hi!
    Levi Brown

    Adult Science Fiction Action Adventure

    PROJECT PITCH (1-3 lines) Four early twenty-first century young adults find themselves engulfed in a war hundreds of years in the future. They must overcome differences in background and sexuality to deal with these threats presented to them.

    SHORT BLURB (250-300 words. We suggest your opening page) It’s not my opening page, but it a short scene and part of the buildup to the inciting incident.

    Generally more abstract than “nitpicking” but substantive of course.While I have gay protagonists, I am attempting to write something with a broader appeal, so I’d rather you not be someone who specializes in LGBT fiction for that reason.
    I have quite a long ways to go, I’m only just now transitioning from what you could call a version of outline (or just writing a lot of notes to myself and short summaries, basically) into really starting to flesh out the draft and all the scenes, I have a little under 20,000 words and I am looking to write an 80k or so word novel.


    On a bright late afternoon like this the blinds were no match for the sun to warmly illuminate the bedroom. Lynn did not really like being in here and missing out on the beautiful day, but she needed some answers and this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. With a sigh she placed herself in the black desk chair and checked on her computer’s progress.
    Decryption complete. Lynn smiled. It was always satisfying when she and her computer were finished doing something. It was almost like this computer was one of her friends. She spent some time looking through these files.
    There’s no way this is- this is definitely not going in a video game. This is something real.
    Lynn had two days to deal with this. Whatever this was it was about to be ready and about to be used. Could it be like a CIA thing? But they wouldn’t need her or her coworkers. Could it be a foreign government? That just didn’t feel right either. Lynn knew she needed answers.


  2. Blank’d
    Action Thriller for Adults
    90,000 words: complete

    Feminism’s answer to Jason Bourne

    The world was cold. She knew that much as she lay on the floor of an unknown room, eyes dull, staring at a ceiling fan as it whirled around in a particular hurry that could only be described as dizzying.
    Jayden was as cold as the world. She shivered underneath that spinning fan, body rocking, hands clutching her shoulders. She hated the opposing sensations: flesh numb, bones burning.
    She swept hair from her face and it didn’t move. The clump was stuck to her somehow, fastened, almost as if her skin had turned to glue. No matter how many attempts she made it would not budge. She lacked dexterity, her arms the consistency of wet noodles.
    “This is unreal,” she said in a horse whisper.
    She wiped again, her fingertips fumbling, pulsating. The throbbing tips grasped the strand with as much consideration as she could afford and lifted it away from her brow. She examined it as if it were a puzzle piece. It was wet, darker than the normal blonde, a hue of burgundy, almost like she had dipped her head in wine.

    Am looking for a CP that can explain what they see in this novel, is not afraid to give harsh feedback, but tempers it with things they also enjoy about the novel.



  3. Hi
    Apsara Rodrigo
    Romance/ YA drama
    Title: The exit plan
    word count : 52,000 words and complete

    Project Pitch: An intense and moving love story about three young people and the destruction that revolves around them

    Short blurb: The day I heard the first roar of that car seemed a centuries old event that was printed in the history books. But the emotions of that event were still scorched in my heart. I felt confusion and sorrow and anger and pain fight a torrid battle for a peice of my soul. A soul once abandoned must seek another. My soul lost her and was now at the mercy of every negative emotion that dared to grasp at it.

    I am looking for a CP who gives honest feedback for my manuscript and who can complete their critiquing by the thirtieth of May since I have to stick to a deadline.


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