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Author Spotlight: Debut Author Christine Lynn Herman

Welcome to our Author Spotlight where we get to interview one of the alums of WBP, Christine Lynn Herman, about her amazing debut novel, THE DEVOURING GRAY. We talk about multiple POVs, Contemporary Fantasy settings, dark themes and debut year! Plus we get some cool insights into the amazing setting and characters of TDG! 1. Christine!!!… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Debut Author Christine Lynn Herman

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Reading Recs for Family Dynamics

In our “Reading Recs for…” series we’ll recommend reads for certain topics that we run into often. Family dynamics is something most readers can relate to. And complicated family dynamics is often a wonderful tool to understand our characters through their relationships with those closest to them. So, for this “Reading Recs” post we’re giving… Continue reading Reading Recs for Family Dynamics

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What We’re Reading: Halloween Edition

Welcome to What We’re Reading: Halloween Edition, where we tell you our spookiest reads! Just a note, some of these covers are what nightmares are made of! Melody is reading AMONG THE SHADOWS: 13 STORIES OF DARKNESS & LIGHT ANTHOLOGY by Kate Karyus Quinn, Mindy McGinnis, Demitria Lunetta Even the lightest hearts have shaded corners to hide the black thoughts… Continue reading What We’re Reading: Halloween Edition