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We’re Back + What we did on “Summer Break”




I traveled a lot this summer and spent any free time working on revisions. I read some romance, including Red White and Royal Blue. Also some CP’s books like Scavenge the Stars and Rogue Heart!

Currently reading How to be Remy CameronWickedFox_011419_FINAL


My book came out! Wheee! Wicked Fox is officially in the world, but I ended up having a deadline for book 2 like immediately after launch. So, I was very busy all summer writing and traveling and doing fun things for Wicked Fox in between frantically writing and revising book 2 and questioning all of my bad life choices/scheduling snafus.

So, I was really bad with reading this summer because of all the book launch stuff! But I’m currently reading The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor #1)


My summer was filled with San Diego Comic Con, a college friend’s wedding, and a visit from my family during which I took them around LA. And of course, revising my manuscript that will eventually go on sub.

I’ve also been catching up on graphic novels, including SAGA.

(Melody also has a short story in the bitingly scary anthology Betty Bites Back, Feminist fiction to frighten the patriarchy!)


I have been in a cave editing my debut because I know how to party.

I read Red White and Royal Blue.

And I’m currently reading Shatter the Sky

(Also, just a quick reminder that Mara’s revisions are for her debut Young Adult Fantasy due out in Spring 2020! Check it out here)41823536


I’ve been revising book 2 and doing tons of promo for book 1! (Katy’s debut, There Will Come a Darkness comes out September 3rd!) First at BookCon and BookExpo, and then at San Diego Comic Con. ALSO I MET A SHIBA INU PUPPY NAMED YUZUKI!

I finally read The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King by Holly Black which I am of course obsessed with.


I had the most amazing summer filling the creative well, seeing friends and family in Seoul, Tokyo, San Diego, and New York, while brainstorming new book ideas! I also binge-read two manga series, Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You and Maid-Sama!

(Axie’s next book, Rogue Heart, comes out October 8th! It is the companion novel to her debut YA sci-fi Rebel Seoul)


Started working on a new WIP I’m really excited about! Read so many good books, including Wicked Fox, Wilder Girls, and Ninth House—yes, that’s right, let the jealousy wash over you. Got a weird tan when I wore ripped jeans to a baseball game, then went to the beach twice to fix it and it’s still! there! And I moved to a new apartment that I love with a new roommate who’s fine, I guess. (Kat: her roommate just has a lot of feelings! Okay!)


I have been working working working at my day job and am excited to be a new story lead on an upcoming project! I just finished listening to the audiobook for The Bride Test by Helen Hoang and have been enjoying This Right Here by Alexandria Bellefleur on Radish Fiction.

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