In A World…: World Building in First Person

In A World… is a series of posts about world building, where our contributors share strategies and tips for creating well-rounded worlds. World building is hard. Fantasy or contemporary, with multiple points of view or one, it’s not an easy task. Just check out the many other posts that are part of the “In A World..”… Continue reading In A World…: World Building in First Person


When Revising is Revising is Revising…

This post is co-written by Ashley and guest writer, Janella Angeles, author of the forthcoming WHERE DREAMS DESCEND. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that writing is rewriting—but let’s not forget the other undeniable truth that follows: revising is also re-revising. Admittedly, some unicorns have the gift of being smooth, fast revisers and we HATE them (just… Continue reading When Revising is Revising is Revising…

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Reading Recs for Family Dynamics

In our “Reading Recs for…” series we’ll recommend reads for certain topics that we run into often. Family dynamics is something most readers can relate to. And complicated family dynamics is often a wonderful tool to understand our characters through their relationships with those closest to them. So, for this “Reading Recs” post we’re giving… Continue reading Reading Recs for Family Dynamics


#chillwritingtips: In The Game Of Contests, You Win Or You Die…Right?

Everyone loves writing contests! They’re a great way to get feedback and make valuable connections, and they’re totally not stressful at all. Nope, there’s absolutely nothing anxiety-making about putting our work out there to be judged and poked at and rejected. A really super duper fun thing about contests is how they’re extremely public. Everyone… Continue reading #chillwritingtips: In The Game Of Contests, You Win Or You Die…Right?