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Roundtable #14: Refilling the Creative Well

Fun fact: a lot of our Roundtable topics come from conversations we’re already having within the WBP critique group chat! And one of the things we’ve been talking about A LOT is burn-out and refilling the creative well (maybe because a lot of us debuted/became agented the last 3 years). So, we figured we’d bring… Continue reading Roundtable #14: Refilling the Creative Well


When Revising is Revising is Revising…

This post is co-written by Ashley and guest writer, Janella Angeles, author of the forthcoming WHERE DREAMS DESCEND. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that writing is rewriting—but let’s not forget the other undeniable truth that follows: revising is also re-revising. Admittedly, some unicorns have the gift of being smooth, fast revisers and we HATE them (just… Continue reading When Revising is Revising is Revising…


Revision: There’s No Better Time Like the Present

This blog post comes to you from a writer knee-deep in revisions. Every time I’ve written *anything* I’ve somehow convinced myself at points in my writing that I could “fix things later” or that maybe “no one will notice” a certain mistake or inconsistency. But the truth is, if you find a scene boring, or… Continue reading Revision: There’s No Better Time Like the Present