What We’re Listening To: May Edition

Some writers listen to nothing as they work on their books, and others will go from one album to the next. Here at Writer’s Block Party we’ve got no music, sometimes music, and always music writers. For the end of May, we’ve got some of music recommendations based on what we’ve been listening to as we work.

Melody: I’m listening to the PLANET EARTH 2 score while I go through ANATOMY OF STORY to brainstorm my rewrite for my speculative fiction, it helps me get in touch with the world. Can’t pick a single song cause I’m not paying attention to the music as I’m knee deep in studying but that’s what I’ve been listening to in the background!

Kat: I listen to K-Pop because it’s not in English. Specifically the GOBLIN soundtrack and maaaaybe that’s a hint about book 2.😱 I also listen to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON OST because it’s really epic.

Katy: I am, as always, listening to the ASSASSIN’S CREED: REVELATIONS soundtrack. It never fails to make me feel immersed in my world.

Mara: I don’t listen to music while I’m writing, but I find that songs can help me transition mentally into writing mode and set a mood. This is my latest #mood song!

Axie: I don’t usually listen to songs while writing, but sometimes a song will come along that fits a scene in my book or invokes a feeling. Most recently that song was Sondia’s “Adult” from the MY MISTER soundtrack. It’s such a beautiful song and I listened to it on-repeat while writing a scene where the characters felt feelings of loss, longing and hope.

Ashley: I’ve been listening to “Shoot to Kill” by Tommee Profitt basically on repeat. It has this epic/action sound but there’s also a more melancholic emotional thread woven in there that works somehow. And my book is about assassins so tonally it fits.

Meg: I’m super close to the end of my book, and I’ve been listening to Kimbra’s new album PRIMAL HEART a lot as I write a certain character’s POV. In particular, I think the first three songs “The Good War,” “Top Of The World,” and “Everybody Knows” dig into her character arc and the events of the book itself. The build up to the bridge in “Top Of The World” always reminds me that’s the feeling I want the end to have, too—epic, losing control. (I also have to shout out “Human” because I have no self control.)

Ella: Loving this at the moment. Gorgeous harmonies, and always helps for writing emotional scenes (good and bad). Plus the artists are Melbourne locals!


What are you listening to right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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