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Questions to ask Other Clients of an Agent

Earlier we posted questions to ask agents during The Call. And today it’s time for questions to ask client referrals. Whenever you talk to an agent who wants to offer representation, you should get a list of their clients you can contact. Preferably two (one who’s sold and one who hasn’t).

You can either talk to the other clients on the phone or email. In my experience, email is easiest as talking to potential new clients for their agent is a favor they’re doing.


Here’s a rubric of the email I sent out:


I am considering [AGENT]’s offer of representation. She seems like a professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable agent, and my research thus far seems to prove that. Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions I have about AGENT NAME.

  • Did you work with her/him/them editorially? If so, how did you find the process? How open was s/he/they to brainstorming ideas with you?
  • How many revisions did you go through with her/him/them before s/he/they began submitting? Did you like the amount of revisions?
  • Was AGENT willing to reassess revision plans once you’d gotten into it? Was s/he/they available to discuss any additional changes further into the process?
  • How was the submission process in terms of discussing publishers or editors beforehand? How involved were you with choosing editors to submit to?
  • How responsive/communicative do you find AGENT to be?
  • Is there anything else you wish you knew or asked before you began the process?

Thank you for your time.



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