Our New Year’s Resolutions


As the first week of 2017 comes to a close, we thought it would be exciting to share what we will be working on each week this year as we strive to grow and become better writers, readers, and overall better human beings. Whether big or small, these goals will guide us as we take one step at a time toward a better tomorrow.

When writers see the word “dedication,” we typically think about a certain page in the beginning of a novel. But we need to exercise being dedicated to all of the hard work that it will take to get to that moment. And not just that moment, but many others. So we present to you below, many goals that will help us get to where we want and need to be both in and outside of the writing/publishing world.


1. Finish revising my WIP and draft at least one new book.
2. Be more politically active.
3. Discover new hobbies.
4. Be kinder to myself.
5. Finish book series I’ve started. I have a horrible habit of reading just first books in a series and never finishing them.

1. Finish revisions on my current MS and start querying (which will hopefully lead to representation!).
2. Be more politically active and outspoken on social media and in person–to be quiet is to be complicit, and I’ve been both for too long.
3. Write a complete first draft of a new project that’s been on my mind for years.
4. Live a healthier life with better eating habits, more exercise, better self care, and definitely more sleep!
5. Read more! Especially more diverse and #ownvoices books.

1. Read more books! (Target Goal: 100).
2. Revise a book, draft a WIP, plan an idea.
3. Take walks with my new puppy, Toro! (Re: Exercise).
4. Be more active on all social media portals – Not just share my thoughts, but also listen and support the voices of others.
5. Write in my diary/planner DAILY. I also record my word count of the day, and so this motivates me to make my writing goals.
6. Graduate from Lesley University! (I’m getting a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing).
7. Debut! (My debut novel, THE AMATERASU PROJECT, comes out Fall 2017 with Tu Books).


1. Write like you’re running out of time.
3. Be kind to yourself and others.

1. Finish rewriting and query my poor problem child of a UF manuscript.
2. Complete (and query, if necessary) another project – namely my poor neglected child of a high fantasy manuscript.
3. Make more money freelance editing/actually use my editing degree. Also make more money with my art (dog/character portraits, anyone?)
4. Go to at least two krav maga classes every week. Aim for more. Exercise at home on days when I don’t go to class (except weekends. Weekends are no time for exercise).
5. Travel to the U.S. in 2017 and have a thoroughly amazing time. Mainly, I plan to visit as many of my lovely CPs as possible and abuse their hospitality by forcing them to take me places in their cities. It’s happening, guys. Come to terms with this.

1. Complete the First Draft of Steampunk-Fantasy Book 2.
The inherent danger of writing a book with series potential is that my mind starts to map out possibilities of book 2 with no current news on how book 1 will be received. But since a very clear story arc revealed itself to me, the words demand to be written regardless of publication.

2. Build My YouTube Platform.
Video editing, writing, and animation has been an integral part of my life since high school but was pushed to the back for the sake of my university diploma. With that chapter of my life complete and as YouTube is one of the greatest platforms available, it’s time to return to my roots. I want to post at least 10 new videos in 2017.

3. Engage More Online.
I’ve defaulted to staying away from comment threads entirely, but knowing exactly when to engage in conversation and when to ignore the trolls is a skill that needs to be acquired.

4. Read Constantly and Widely Across Genres.

5. Eat More Carrots.


1. Finish my revisions on GUMIHO and go on submission.
2. Finish drafting my WiP.
3. Look into joining a gym. (I’m very cynical about if I’ll do this!)
4. Read 2017 releases in 2017.
5. Eat healthier.
6. Post more blog updates on my personal blog.

1. Cook for myself more often and try new recipes!
2. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
3. Go on sub!
4. Practice activism consistently in my daily life and find at least one concrete way to use my skills (writing & web development) to support the causes that are important to me.
5. Go see a movie in theaters by myself.

1) Finish rewriting/revising WIP.
2) Query WIP.
3) Read 50+ books.
4) Take weekly martial arts classes.
5) Get a second job.
6) Meditate, eventually daily.
7) Do something scary, at least once a week.


1) In 2016, I read 80 books so I want to surpass this by reading at least 85!

2) Set limits on my social media use (right now I am thinking deleting it off all devices except one). It’s good to keep a finger on the pulse but I have a tendency to get sucked into unproductive loitering spirals and I’d rather not.

3) Make early morning pre-work writing sessions into a true habit. I did it on and off this year and there’s nothing else like being able to sit down and create before my head has been filled with other peoples’ words.

4. Continue to call my representatives every week about the important issues. Make a donation of time and/or money to an organization that’s doing good every month.

2017 will already be better than 2016 because it’s an odd number and odd numbers are better than even numbers. Next year, I’d really like to continue to read widely, to find more cool music, and to finish writing my new book because honestly I’m the slowest drafter ever and need this story out of my brain. Also, I want to remain as upbeat and positive in whatever ways I can for myself and for others.

I agree with Meg, odd numbers are superior. Anyway, my 2017 declarations…I am going to polish current projects as well as draft a new manuscript and novella/short story. I will read at least twenty-five 2017 book releases in 2017. I will be more consistent with exercise, drinking more water, and really taking care of my health. I am also going to invest in more experiences rather than material things.

Stay tuned for our quarterly check ins in which we’ll share more goals and update you on what we’ve achieved along the way.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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